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ImageEx [Latest] 2022

It is a component of a wide range of other components, and it is widely used in many parts of Delphi applications.
The main features of ImageEx Crack Mac are as follows:
1. Image ex is a component, which is integrated into the main form of the application. You can drag and drop ImageEx component from the project explorer into your application. The image and the bitmap shown in ImageEx are always updated when you move the mouse over a control in your main form. You can move, resize, rotate, crop, and add borders to the image in a convenient and easy way, and then move the component to a particular region on your application form.
2. Can import a variety of image file types such as JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, PCX, BMP and others. You can also directly paste an image into ImageEx component.
3. When importing an image file, you can set the following options:
■ Width and height,
■ Scale,
■ BPP,
■ Tiling,
■ Background,
■ Border.
4. Supports JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, BMP and PCX file types. It can also be used to add images to your application. Supports images in various formats, such as:
■ JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group),
■ GIF (Graphics Interchange Format),
■ PNG (Portable Network Graphics),
■ TIF (Tagged Image File Format),
■ BMP (Windows bitmap),
■ PCX (Intel PCX Picture Card).
5. The default size of the image is 200 x 200, and you can also use the unit of pixel or a percentage to resize images.
6. Supports various image positioning options, including:
■ Center of the form,
■ Top Left corner,
■ Top Center,
■ Top Right,
■ Left Bottom corner,
■ Left Center,
■ Left Top,
■ Right Center,
■ Right Top,
■ Bottom Left corner,
■ Bottom Center,
■ Bottom Right.
7. Background color can be set to the image, and the image can be tiled to the form.
8. If you set the foreground color,

ImageEx Free Download

IMAGEEX is a free and useful component to provide image manipulating/displaying
functionality. It is a simple component which works with standard Delphi interfaces.
IMAGEEX features easy to use, functional to work with. It has ability to tile images,
to stretch them to preserve the shape when displaying in JPG format and to display
layers of tiled images.
To use it, simply use

■ Drag and Drop an image from SysImageList into PictureBox on a form.
■ Use the appropriate control’s LCL property (PictureBox.Align, PictureBox.Stretch,
PictureBox.Canvas, PictureBox.Height, PictureBox.Width, etc.) to specify
controls settings.
■ For example, a PictureBox to display images and a Tpanel for displaying
IMAGEEX’s primary purpose is to display images in different ways. In a sense it
provides great GUI image support for your applications. IMAGEEX will give you the
idea of what can be done with images.

“ImageEx” also features easy to use, functional to work with. To be more specific, it has the
ability to provide:
■ Tiling of images
■ Alignment of images
■ Automatic reduction of images to keep their proportions
■ Automatic resizing of images to keep their proportions
■ Ability to change the background color of images
■ Support for many image formats such as JPEG, GIF, BMP, TGA and PNG
■ Ability to display images with correct aspect ratio on the whole form,
tiling on the whole form, tiling on the left, tiling on the right
■ Ability to display images with horizontal or vertical scrollbars
■ Ability to drag and drop images
■ Automatic color conversion
■ Easy to use, functional to work with.

“ImageEx” has been developed by Dmitry Krivoshein. Dmitry has great coding experience.
He does not only work with Delphi for a living but also works on other projects such as
Winamp and Delphi and Winamp. He is a software developer who is devoted to Delphi and
other technical areas.
Enjoy using “ImageEx” and feel free to contact Dmitry with any issues or suggestions
about using it.



ImageEx is a free and useful Delphi image component. It extends standard Delphi one.
Here are some key features of “ImageEx”:
– Preserve ratio stretching
– Optional background color
– Image tiling
– Delphi 3, 4, 5, 6
– You need to purchase IDELX Compiler to build the component
Here are the main features:
– Support multiple bitmaps, images, icons, watermarks
– Support JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG
– Display watermark (in the left, right, top and bottom corners)
– Support padding (background color)
– Create the compressed images (packed)
– Support the multiple items (icons)
– Support the horizontal tiling
– There is no memory leak
– You can easily get the image properties
– You can get the image size or the image file size
– You can easily check the image format
– You can easily display the image in any size
– It is easy to resize the images, with little or no distortion of the image
– Image saving as the JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, or ICO files is also supported.
– You can easily set the line width, the shadow color, the corner shadow, and the background color
– Many other features you can find
1. Add “imageex.pas” component and “imagedx.dcr” component to your project (or “imageex.dcp” component to your project)
2. You can add the component to your project by using “Add to project” or “Add to Library”
3. For the projects that can’t add to the project, you can install the component to the “Library” folder
– The Source Code:

– Licensing:

Known issues:
– The license from imageex is a free license, but you have to buy the license from IDELX to build the component
– The border, the border color and the background color is not preserved
If you have any question, please email to us at:

The program is used for the acquisition of a vector image from a light microscope. It allows to set the magnification and to perform interactive focusing.
BETA version without saving and without drawing


What’s New In?

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or higher
Processor: Intel Core i5 (or AMD equivalent)
Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
Memory: 4 GB RAM
HDD: 100 GB available space
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (or ATI Radeon HD 7950 / AMD equivalent)
DirectX: Version 11
Input: Keyboard and mouse
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Software: Alawar Studio installed
Other: Space 1GB and preferably a lot more space for updates

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