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Android mobile devices have invaded the mobile handheld market in the last years and there are more and more programs that try to meet the users' needs and requirements. One of these is Droid Explorer, a simple application designed to simplify the process of managing rooted Android devices.
Support for many devices and managing phone contents
Although it supports a wide variety of devices (e.g. HTC, Samsung, Google Nexus, Acer Liquid etc.), the software might not detect the latest Android versions, so it is better to check the compatibility list before using it.
The program uses the Android SDK to allow viewing and organizing the device contents. In addition to this, you need to have the corresponding OEM drivers and Busybox installed and the USB debugging feature enabled on your rooted device.
Automatically detect device and manage APKs
As many utilities from this category, it automatically detects the connected device, allowing you to perform basic file management operations. Yet the program does not limit to that. It provides install and uninstall support for APK files and enables you to reboot the Android device in standard or recovery mode.
Built-in command shell and take screenshots
There are other features that this software brings you: there is a debug console and a command shell. You can use SQLite explorer to structure data storage, while the package manager allows you to view a list of the available applications on your Android and install or uninstall them directly from your PC.
Another advantage is the possibility to copy and auto-apply updates to the Google mobile applications found on your Android. Using Droid Explorer, you can take landscape or portrait screenshots of your smartphone and save them to your computer.
Bottom line
Providing multiple device support, Droid Explorer offers you an easy way to manage your phone. It can be used not only for file access and transfers, but also for application updates and personalizing your Android device.







Droid Explorer 15.05.1902 [Latest]

Droid Explorer Product Key is an easy to use, lightweight and free software for managing Android devices and applications. It lets you perform multiple file management operations, manage your device apps, take screenshots, and manage Android services.
The main features of Droid Explorer Crack For Windows:
Performs file management operations for Android devices:
* Download and upload files via USB/WiFi
* Screenshot of Android device and transfer it to PC
* Import apps to Android device and uninstall
* Update and manage apps installed on your Android device
* Backup and restore files to PC
* Manage the internal memory of your Android device
Support a wide variety of Android devices:
* HTC Nexus/Google Nexus devices
* Samsung Galaxy devices
* Acer Liquid
* Sony Xperia series devices
* Other devices on your list
* Device-specific lists of compatible drivers and BusyBox
* Use your PC’s USB port to charge your device
Automatically detect device and manage APKs:
* Detect and list available Android devices
* Install or uninstall APK files (requires Busybox)
* Reboot your Android device to Android recovery (requires Busybox)
* Remotely control Android device with SSH (requires Busybox)
* Automatically install any app updates received from Google Play Store
Built-in command shell and take screenshots:
* Include debug console for Android debugging
* Includes a command shell that lets you control your Android device
* Take screenshots of your Android device in landscape or portrait mode
You can copy and auto-apply updates to Google mobile applications on Android:
* Download and install Google mobile apps
* Take full-screen screenshots
* Change Android phone screen to portrait or landscape mode
* Windows 7/8/10
* USB debugging
How to install:
* Download and extract the ZIP file
* Run DroidExplorer_x86.exe from the folder where you extracted the ZIP file
* Plug your Android device into your PC’s USB port
* Power up your Android device
* Restart your Android device (to allow Droid Explorer to operate)
* Android 4.1 and higher is supported. The latest version of Droid Explorer supports Android 7.0 and higher.
* The folder where Droid Explorer is installed might not be accessible directly in your system’s root directory. In that case, you can open your shell and go to the “Program Files” folder, and then open the folder where Droid Explorer is installed.
* If

Droid Explorer 15.05.1902 Crack + [Mac/Win]

KeyMacro is a Google spreadsheet application with simple functions and a strong interface. There are three modes for viewing: List, Grid and Standard. All three modes show the same functionality, the difference is in the structure of the data. List and Grid display all data in a list and a grid respectively. Standard displays data in rows and columns.
KeyMacro takes advantage of Google sheets to provide a common interface. When data is entered or edited, it is automatically synchronized with the Google spreadsheet.
The KeyMacro application can save to the Google Drive and upload to the website.
KeyMacro can convert the selected text to image and convert image to text.
KeyMacro has built in spelling correction.
KeyMacro can display all available languages.
KeyMacro can show version number of Google sheets.
The user interface of KeyMacro is simple and clean.
KeyMacro doesn’t have watermark or logo
KeyMacro’s price is not high.
What’s New:
Version 1.1.1:
Functional improvements.
How To Use:
Run the application and select the mode and language you want to use.
KeyMacro allows you to edit Google Spreadsheet.
KeyMacro can convert image to text.
KeyMacro has built in spelling correction.
KeyMacro has built in grammar correction.
KeyMacro can save to the Google Drive.
KeyMacro can upload to the website.
KeyMacro can find version number of Google Spreadsheet.
KeyMacro supports all languages.
KeyMacro can show language set.
KeyMacro can search Google Drive.
KeyMacro can show you the image of Google Drive.
KeyMacro allows you to edit Google Spreadsheet.
KeyMacro allows you to convert image to text.
KeyMacro has built in grammar correction.
KeyMacro can find version number of Google Spreadsheet.
KeyMacro has built in image correction.
KeyMacro allows you to display all the available languages.
KeyMacro allows you to find the language set.
KeyMacro allows you to find the text of Google Drive.
KeyMacro allows you to find the version number of Google Spreadsheet.
KeyMacro allows you to find the image of Google Drive.
KeyMacro allows you to display the image of Google Drive.
KeyMacro allows you to show the set of languages.
KeyMacro allows

Droid Explorer 15.05.1902 [2022]

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The marketplace has been flooded with lots of different apps that give you same or similar functionality. But if we focus on its features, it still has several benefits over other apps available in market. So, this article aims to list a few benefits of using AppHelper.
Why Use AppHelper?
In this section, we will provide few benefits for using AppHelper
1. It is lightweight.
Not only it does not take a lot of space but it also takes only a few MB of space.
2. It is easy to use.
In this mobile and always-connected world, it is better to use something that is easy to understand and use. In that way, AppHelper fulfills the requirements.
3. Easy to set up.
Setting up AppHelper is a very easy process. All you need to do is,
Unzip the file in the downloaded folder.
Set up the certificate which is present in the folder.
Import the certificates in the security settings.
And done.
4. Multiple modes.
AppHelper is available in four different modes,
Administrator mode
Custom mode
Driver mode
Secure Mode
5. Nowdays people are trying to save money as well as time.
So, in that way, AppHelper comes with no cost.
6. No other dependency.
The app is very much light on your devices. It doesn’t require any software installation.
7. No system requirements.
AppHelper is available for all devices. It is one and all, there is no need to install any other software in your device.
8. Customizable dashboard.
You can make changes in the layout and dashboard.
9. The best thing about AppHelper is that it is very lightweight and doesn’t take much space on your device.
10. User interface is customized to look like Windows.
It doesn’t take much time to get used to the app. Even if you have never used it before.
So, if you are looking for a good alternative to the regular utility, then AppHelper is the best option for you.
11. Customization is possible.
You can customize the dashboard. It provides a user-friendly interface and allows you to set the background image.
12. Supports to all the version of Android.
AppHelper is available for all Android versions. You don’t need to take its version into consideration.

What’s New In Droid Explorer?

Droid Explorer is an Android device management application. It allows you to backup, restore and transfer your data and applications on Android powered devices like tablets, smartphones and mobile hot-spots (e.g. 2G, 3G, 4G…). The application can manage your Android phone contents even if it is rooted.

Droid Explorer supports all the current Android models (e.g. Nexus, Samsung, HTC…). You can use it to backup and restore your photos, videos, music, games, contacts, SMS, applications, settings, contacts…

It also allows you to see if your Android device is rooted or not and to manage if and how you can mount your Android device’s content on your PC (e.g. play music).

Besides managing your Android phone contents, Droid Explorer offers you a command shell that allows you to access files of your Android, or even to access other devices (e.g. files shared on a NAS).

If your Android is rooted, Droid Explorer can copy your Android applications to your PC (e.g. APK).

System requirements
Minimum required:

Supported devices:

See also
Device manager


External links
Droid Explorer website
Droid Explorer thread at XDA Developers
Droid Explorer on Google Play
Droid Explorer on
Droid Explorer on Softpedia

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Looking for a free online tool to validate the SP2013 user story templates?

For a project, we’re re-use the templates for User Stories. These are already set up as required templates.
The thing is that the templates do not contain much content, and a new template might be a bit more challenging to grasp (especially if you don’t have the same context as the author).
To be more precise, we’d like to have a tool that validates the templates with a code-like language.
So, for example, when a user story template is given, it will tell whether all the template requirements are fulfilled. It won’t just check that you’ve put an ID for a sprint (something that we know has to be in the template), but we also want to check whether we’ve inserted the correct values in the right positions.
Do you know any free tool for this?


The list of Jira (software) projects might be of interest to you. The “JIRA content management system” is a Content Management System that supports user stories. It is also free. There is a wiki page with a tutorial, which might be useful.
For example, a project has this user story “A developer should have the opportunity to run the application on his machine, so that he can troubleshoot the problem of the application running slowly on his machine, as this problem

System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
CPU: 650 MHz.
RAM: 256MB.
Size of Disc: 700MB, more than 300MB recommended.
DirectX: 8.0
How to Install:
1. Install software to create the disc.
2. Extract files and run setup.exe.
3. Run setup.
4. The game will load.
5. Enjoy!
How to Play:
Start a new game and choose the Easy AI level.

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