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Speleology for connaisseurs is the science of cave exploration, and like all other disciplines, it too has taken a step into the digital age.
Cave mapping is usually done with specialized software that generates Digital Elevation Models (DEM files) for the efficient 3D projections of a cave's terrain.
Given how proprietary this file format may seem, there aren't many software tools out there capable of viewing or editing such formats.
However, there are some exceptions, one of which is Dem Reader.
A lightweight solution for cave explorers
You don't need a manual to know how to use this tool since the UI is pretty self-explanatory and easy to comprehend.
All you need to do is have a DEM file at your disposal and you can pretty much do anything with it, including basic editing, merging, conversion and so forth.
More so, the data on the DEM files can be modified with manually inputted values, which is useful if you think the measurement devices registered values that don't reflect reality.
Better visualization of your DEM files
Ss most of you probably know, elevation maps are usually color-coded to show off the difference in height in various geographical regions. 
Dem Reader allows you to modify this color coding, so that it may be easier for you to distinguish different elevation levels.
Massive caves usually require multiple readings and thus, a single DEM file would not be enough to contain all the necessary data. 
This is where Dem Reader shines since it allows you to merge multiple DEM files into one, allowing you to get a reading of any cave, no matter how big or elaborate it may be.
A great aid for any speleologist
Dem Reader has all the tools you may need to view and edit DEM images without filling your PC with complicated or resource-hungry software suites.









Dem Reader Crack Download (Final 2022)

VERSION: 1.5.3
Release Date: 2020-01-10
Key Features:
– 3D mapping of caves
– Automated cave surveying
– 3D map editing
– Cave feature points
– Linking multiple DEM files
– Converting DEM files to a different format
– DEM file conversion
– Georeferencing DEM files
– Merging multiple DEM files
– Converting DEM files to 3D models
– Editing 3D models
– Multiple cave detection
– Map coloring
– Ground classification
– Skeleton detection
– Object detection
– Picture frames
– Point cloud images
– Cave optimization
– Collection and viewing of DEM files
– Colour map editing
– Cave identification
– Cave zooming
– Cave point selection
– Data transfer to a computer
– Data retrieval from a computer
– Transmitting data to a remote server
– Downloading data from a remote server
– Data caching
– Interactive cave map
– Detailed cave map with maps of walls, paths, voids, etc.
– Bathymetry
– 2D maps
– Magnified cave view
– Attractive map
– Cave map
– 3D model to point cloud
– Skeleton detection
– Ground classification
– Object detection
– Cave visualization
– Point cloud image
– Picture frame
– Cave reading
– 3D model to digital elevation model
– Creating a 3D model from an image
– Adding more images to the model
– 3D model creation
– Linking DEM files
– Attractiveness editing
– Attributes editing
– Conversion to DEM files
– Attractiveness editing
– Cave identification
– Point cloud view
– Picture frame
– Collection of all available data
– Scaling
– 3D model to DEM
– Attractiveness editing
– Selection of points
– Point editing
– Rotating points
– Scaling points
– Positioning points
– Placing points
– Linking points
– Adjusting points
– Converting
– Polygons
– Triangle strips
– Conversion to DEM files
– Cropping
– Extraction
– Merging DEM files
– Splitting DEM files
– 3D map to DEM conversion
– 3D map merging
– 3D map conversion
– Perspective
– Mapping
– Raster map
– Conversion to VRT files
– Conversion to as

Dem Reader Crack + Download

Dem Reader is a lightweight yet powerful 3D viewer for Digital Elevation Models.
Create, view and edit DEM files from any 3D software.
Possibly the most popular 3D viewer for digital elevation models!
Save and send images or render animations to your favorite 3D design software.
View and edit DEM files with the same features as your 3D design software.
Dem Reader can be used as a standalone program or can be added as an extension to 3D design programs like Sketchup, UnrealEngine3, Inventor and Maxwell.
With Dem Reader you can now view and edit terrain files in all major CAD software without converting them.
Dem Reader also enables you to view and edit terrain files in Microsoft’s own Windows OS.
No installation or software to download, no plugins or plug-ins to install.
Dem Reader is free, independent and open source software
The DemReader project is a free, Open Source project.
All contributions to DemReader are welcome.
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
DemReader Version: 1.8.0
DemReader download:
DemReader for Sketchup:
DemReader for Unreal Engine 3:
DemReader for Inventor:
DemReader for Maxwell:
DemReader for Windows OS:
DemReader for Sketchup mobile:
DemReader for Sketchup mobile:
DemReader for Sketchup mobile:
DemReader for Sketchup mobile:
DemReader for Sketchup mobile:
DemReader for Sketchup mobile:

Dem Reader [April-2022]

Dem Reader is a lightweight program for converting and managing Multiple Digital Elevation Models (MDE) files.

Dem Reader is freeware and the author keeps it open-source, so you may easily modify and add features on it.

Windows 9x/2000/XP/Vista/7
Dem Reader 5.4.0 [Build 1412]
How To Install:
Run the setup.

Dem Reader Guide:
Dem Reader Tweak Guide:
Dem Reader Wiki:
Dem Reader Forum:
Dem Reader Documentation:
Dem Reader Manual:
Dem Reader Forum Themes:
Dem Reader DemViewer Demo:
Dem Reader Screenshots:
DemReader screenshot gallery (SourceForge):

What’s New in the Dem Reader?

Create, merge, convert, and edit multiple Digital Elevation Models (DEM) with minimal resources, using the lightweight <a href=””>DemReader</a> software.
DemReader includes:
*Over 100 utilities for popular file formats, including Digital Surface Models (DSM), Digital Elevation Models (DEM), and 2D/3D geospatial projections (GEOKML, GEOJSON, and KML/JSON).
*Full support for the newest formats such as AutoCAD Civil 3D V7.2 (ACDBDX) and the new AutoCAD LT 7.2 (ACDLT).
*Symbology available for common data types, including colors and transparency, plus numerous predefined symbols.
*Zoom and pan interfaces to quickly navigate large DEM files.
*User-friendly interface with a progress bar to easily follow workflows and documentation.
*A feature-rich tree control that allows for selective operations across directories, files, and recursively across subdirectories.
DemReader also includes:
*An extensive image editor that allows you to:
*Edit all aspects of the image (pixels, borders, and color), including both RGB and CMYK images.
*Resize and crop any image and its associated metadata, such as shape, color, and transparency.
*Save and load state to and from file.
*Adjust the threshold to accurately select color regions.
*Create masked images (raster images with specific areas masked out).
*Crop images to a specific shape.
*Add and move labels and masks to images.
*View image metadata as individual properties.
DemReader also includes:
*Full-featured graphic editor for creating image masks, moving elements, resizing and cropping, adding color filters, and text annotations, as well as using a grid or a rectangle shape.
*Image and Data Viewers with additional metadata editors for viewing the image itself, its metadata, and its associated color values.
*Several other helpful utilities, including an active Directory utility and a full-featured image converter.
With the help of DemReader, you can:
*Create and save images with metadata that can be further edited using other software.
*Create full-featured masks for images, automatically creating editable or non-editable regions.
*Display images as raster or vector, and visualize them as colors, polygons, points, or lines.
*Convert files between and among various image formats.
*Merge multiple DEM files into a single one, making it easier to visualize the terrain of large caves.
*Enumerate and organize all of the data contained in a DEM file, such as cave name, geological type, cave size, volume, depth

System Requirements For Dem Reader:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Processor: 1.8 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c, Shader Model 2.0
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Processor: 2.0 GHz
Memory: 3 GB
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c, Shader Model 3.0
Hard Drive: 2 GB available

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