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Before technology was as evolved as now, we used to search for a contact using the physical phonebooks, which took a lot of time to look up for a specific person among hundreds of pages. Now we can use different types of virtual agendas, one of the being CardBase, designed to help keep track of numerous personal or business phone numbers, addresses, emails and websites.
The program is a lightweight and intuitive application that lets you create a customizable organizer for all your contacts. It's wrapped in a well-structured yet outdated interface that comes with a standard menu all the necessary fields to insert a contact.
Enter general details about different connections
When it's run for the first time, the options window is displayed, from where you set up the area code, local PBX, name, company, address and postal code, along with email and port configuration settings. Those properties can be later changed from the menu.
Before entering records is recommended to create a database by saving it to a safe location. Some of the required fields are the company title, full name, home and email address, different phone numbers and website. You can copy information from another document directly into the proper area, or cut it for further usage.
Customize the interface, sort the records and configure settings
The tool lets you change the layout view by hiding the status bar or customize it with other icons, sort the items by group or company name, navigate between them and set the window on top of others. If FAX and phone numbers are present, the app gives you the option to send an FAX or directly call a specific person.
From the menu, you can enable optional features, such as show tool tips, place the icon in the taskbar, minimize to the systray at startup, back up the list automatically, and warn sounds in dialog boxes. If you want to protect the database from unauthorized persons, you can set up a password. Make sure you remember it as there is no option to retrieve it.
Taking everything into account, CardBase is a handy and user-friendly utility that comes to help generate and populate multiple databases in which you can securely store all kind of personal and work-related contacts.


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CardBase is a handy tool that allows you to keep track of multiple phone numbers, email addresses, websites, and addresses, and it even allows you to insert their pictures.

Key Features:

You can customize the interface by removing unwanted fields from the panel and adding a new tool in its place.
You can create multiple databases that can store different types of information.
You can change the layout of the fields, for example, if you need to customize the appearance.
You can create database groups by country, state, city, and municipality.
You can change the default contact color by using the inspector in the menu.
You can change the icons by the same way.
You can sort the records to display them by name or any other group, depending on your preference.
You can set the status bar in the background to stay on top and display notifications.
You can choose the address, phone number, email address, and fax number.
You can change the contact settings by changing the size of the font and color.
You can change the local PBX in case you use a local PBX.
You can add an icon to the taskbar of your system tray to stay on top.
You can import pictures from the file system or insert them manually.
You can customize the process and protect the database from unauthorized access.

CardBase Screenshot:

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Records data entered manually, such as phone numbers, addresses, and emails, or retrieved from an external file, such as a text document, spreadsheet or database.


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Card Base Application can also be used for creating your own Book of Accounts. Most types of this book are already in the program and are already easy to create, but sometimes you want to create a new one, and this way you can do so very easily.

Creating a new Book of Accounts is super easy, just go to File>New Book of Accounts>Create New. Once the new book is created, you can copy and edit it to get all the information you want.

Cardbase’s automatic email invoicing option means that you will never have to worry about forgetting to send out invoices. Simply set up Cardbase to send an email on a certain date to your customers. Every time a new customer is added to the system, Cardbase will email you that a new customer has been added, and you will never forget to send a new invoice.

How To Use Cardbase

First, start up Cardbase.

Next, enter the name of your Book of Accounts.

To enter the Billing Date, simply type in the Date.

When you are done, click Add New Customer. This will put all the new customers information into the Book of Accounts.

Now all you have to do is go to your Customer list and look for the new customers. They are all

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CardBase is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool to create different databases with all kind of contacts: business, friends, family and pets. You can easily add or edit contacts and get information about each of them. The tool is designed to be more useful than ever before:
* Create a new database with one click
* Import contacts from other applications
* Create groups for easier navigation
* Sort and filter contacts by company, status and categories
* Convert into a specific application such as Contacts, Calendars, Contacts, Appointments, Tasks, Toggles or Memos.
* Export to a text file or database format
CardBase Features:
* Create multiple databases
* Sort and filter contacts by company, status and categories
* Import contacts from other applications
* Export contacts as a text file
CardBase Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.7 or later
File size: 4.3 Mb


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Learn more about Deep Learning with NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2

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System Requirements For CardBase:

System Requirements: Installation Notes
For Nvidia hardware with an SLI profile, please follow the steps outlined on the driver release page.
Install Instructions
Instructions can be found on our Install Instructions page.
Release Notes
Release Notes can be found on our Release Notes page.
Bug Reporting and Suggestion Process
For reporting bugs or suggesting features, please head over to the closed beta forum, please read our closed beta forum rules before posting.Development of genomic resources for Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and analysis of genetic

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