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Category:Image editing softwareFinite element analysis of the effects of an intracoronal post on stress distribution in maxillary molars under vertical loading.
The purpose of this study was to assess stress distribution in maxillary molars under vertical loading in the presence of an intracoronal post. Finite element analysis was performed on the surface of three maxillary molar models, with or without an intracoronal post (3.5 x 3.5 x 17.5 mm in size), subjected to occlusal vertical loading. The effects of the intracoronal post on the stress distribution were analysed, and the results compared with the results obtained in the absence of an intracoronal post. When an intracoronal post was present, the critical loads to cause tooth fracture were significantly reduced. When the intracoronal post was restored with composite resin, the critical load to cause tooth fracture was further reduced. The results of this study suggest that the existence of an intracoronal post has a beneficial effect in resisting the stress and strain caused by occlusal vertical loading.U.S. Pat. Nos. 5,291,583 and 5,303,840 describe the use of a polysulfide lubricant in an electrocoating bath in order to improve the leveling of the electrodeposit on the substrate. Electrocoating is a process wherein an aqueous dispersion of the polymeric resin used to produce the final paint coating is caused to flow over a substrate and to be charged by contact with a suitable electrode, or roller, and the resin is caused to be deposited on the substrate by electrostatic attraction.
As set forth in these patents, the lubricant additive was believed to act as a leveling agent by reducing the thickness of the coating layer during electrodeposition of the electrocoat. The polysulfide lubricant is a mixture of a long chain polysulfide with a short chain polysulfide and long chain alcohol. The long chain polysulfide can be an allyl polysulfide while the short chain polysulfide can be a polysulfide having only three sulfur atoms, or a polysulfide having a total of four sulfur atoms. The long chain alcohol can be a C.sub.20 -C.sub.24 alcohol.
It has been found that the long chain polysulfide is not effective as a leveling agent, but the short chain polysulfide having three sulfur


Category:Photorealistic 3D graphics softwareKissing Tips

Author: Dr. Laura Berman

Feb 24, 2018

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married a few years or if you’ve been single for a lifetime, we all know that kissing is important to a lasting relationship. From making the first moves to choosing an ideal position to enjoy together, every kiss has a purpose and it’s essential for a successful relationship.

To really get to know the person you’re with and to show your feelings and affection for them, kissing is the way to go. A kiss is an important expression of intimacy and desire. The right kiss can convey many different messages to a partner — like: “I’m totally into you,” “I am yours alone,” “I want to make love to you now,” “I’m so proud of you,” or “I love you.” It is important that each person involved in a relationship has their own expectations about kissing.

Even if you’ve been married before, kissing has the power to create or ruin a relationship. A successful first kiss conveys a lot about a couple’s compatibility. According to researchers at the University of Connecticut, first kisses are about half the size of your partner’s face. This means that if your lover isn’t smiling, you have a problem. A successful first kiss also communicates other positive signals about the relationship. And a second kiss, performed well, can make you feel like “you’re in love” and you’re ready to commit to the relationship.

We have five good tips for healthy kissing.

1. Concentrate on your kiss. If you can’t control your intensity, make kissing a slow activity, which allows you to explore your partner’s face. Slow down and pay attention to every detail. When you finally stop, slow down even more and enjoy your partner’s kiss.

2. Touch. Kissing a person with your hands is more intimate than just kissing them. It’s also one of the most romantic and sensual gestures. Even if you can’t spend much time in the kissing department, use your hands to explore and caress your partner. Start by lightly massaging their body and then slowly move your hands up to their face. Stroke your partner’s face to convey your affection for them.

3. Inhale deeply. Pay attention to the smells and tastes of your partner. Every kiss should be an opportunity to take in their scent and savor

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