Sturgeon Lake Development

• Easy to adjust, thanks to several configuration options
• Supports both single or multiple characters
• Uses system wide hotkey to make adding characters to the menu easy
• Entry field works regardless of the language set
• The text area is currently filled with strings, not characters
• Tiny tray icon in the bottom right cornerWell, you could be forgiven for thinking it was the weather if it was only recently that you finally saw Earth creating bulges out cde4edac5b—pal


You can import playlists from your iTunes account

You can automatically add songs to playlists



The video preview isn’t that great

You can’t tag the songs, the option is not available

Has numerous bugs

The Bottom Line:Easy Playlist Maker is a neat software solution that allows you to create various playlists, you can work with your iTunes Music Library and use the search function to locate

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