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All classes implement the corresponding IREgEx classes used internally by the regular expression engine to maintain all internal state and to keep track of the current matching/searching context.
Regular expression handling is also enhanced by official support for Unicode locale- and character class properties within pattern matching and search. This support is added as a facility to the IREgEx base class.
With the regular expression algorithms implemented as a library, DIRegEx also has automated unit and system tests in place cde4edac5b

■ works only with MS Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 0.11, Opera 9.02, Safari (the latest versions) or Mozilla MechoSafari when less than one year old, 00.0.5 and older versions.
■ runs only on Windows platforms
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Neat Notes 2005 did not receive any commercial support before the public release. Please don’t email the developers with support questions.в†-oregon-pasture-network-32-zip-patch-windows-pro/

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