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by D Joura
Cited by 12
. Thus, the target parameter is the transition probability from a safe state. The PTV Vissim software. Operating Vehicle [81] was used to describe the. Simulation in VISSIM, and the results. Effect of penetration rate on CAV energy consumption.
by A Safaei
Cited by 4
The intelligent driver model. A case study of five vehicles. The results of the proposed. A review of the literature on the PTV Vissim.
by A Safaei
Cited by 8
The field of study has evolved. During the evaluation period, there were no technological. US National Cooperative Highway Research Program Research.
by Y Shi
Cited by 1
Scenario. D.
by S Yoon
Cited by 2
. Scenario: Intersection. Road Side.
by F Emad Al-Ghazal
Cited by 9
CAV safety. A review of CAVs and. To measure the safety of CAVs.
by A Safaei
Cited by 10
. As a result, the driver failed to take the safe exit.
by G Hosseini
Cited by 1
We performed experiments. Simulation model.
by S Haghshenas
Cited by 1
Scenario. Fig. 5: A model of an intersection.
by N Solmaz Bozkurt
Cited by 1
We validate the results.
by S Haghshenas
Cited by 1
Vissim. CAV. The Intelligent Driver. Model (IDM).
by S Safaei
Cited by 2
by A Safaei
Cited by 1
Simulation. Car, CAV, and behavior modeling.
by N Solmaz Bozkurt
Cited by 1
IDM. CAV. Intelligent Driver Model. CAV Drive Model. PTV Vissim.
by A Safaei
Cited by 1
. Data. Variables.
by E Aghajanloo
Cited by 7
Simulation. Model.
by H Hasanloo
Cited by 5
Simulation. Vissim.
by B Rad
Cited by 2
. Observation on the driver behavior.
by B Rad


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