Sturgeon Lake Development

. That is, if your audio files are all in the right format.

Key Features

Straightforward GUI

The application features a user-friendly interface that is bound to encourage even novices to take a go at modifying the tags of their music collection.

Supports ID3v1, ID3v2, APEv2 tags

A nice feature of this app is that it comes with support for a wide range of tag types and formats, such 99d5d0dfd0

With nice interface, search bar, shortcut buttons, and a convenient process of adding and updating tasks, the application offers something that’s worth using.
TaskWrapper required and packed with a lot of useful tools 
TaskWrapper doesn’t come along with any pre-installed presets, or categories, to work with more conveniently. However, the added feature of having suggested lists, enabled by default, makes it easier to come across tasks, or modules, that are not yours, but have a

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