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This powerful tool is a replacement of the default Windows keylogger and can be used to capture, log, view and export keystrokes. It comes with a database of all commonly used words and characters as well as a huge number of standard scripts.

KEYMON: KeyMonitor is a keylogger, a utility to monitor keys pressed, typed and transmitted on your Windows system. It monitors all keyboard and mouse activities, and transmits the log to any machine that you specify (if your user name and password match the specified user name and password). You can also configure the app to log keystrokes or mouse clicks only, and transmit the log only to a specified machine, or to log the keystrokes to a file. The log also includes the window title and the active document for any keystroke or mouse click that the program detects.
KEYMON is a powerful utility that can save you a lot of time and problems. It is mainly used for security applications and for data collection.

HexView is an application that allows you to display and manipulate byte arrays in a hexadecimal editor.

In order to be able to display and manipulate bytes in a hex editor, one usually needs to convert the bytes to text and then display them. HexView allows you to do so and more.

You can:

Display and edit raw data in a hex editor.

Change the byte representation and store the data in a new file.

Convert the data in byte strings to text and write them to a file.

Use the View to change the display from hex to decimal.

Extract information from a byte array.

Look up the byte values.

Display the data in hex, in decimal and in binary.

You can even display the byte array directly in the RAM.

HexView works with any file type and not only binary ones. You can open a file in a hex editor from a button click and use HexView to open the file in a HexView form, without having to open the file.

Scan the data you wish to convert. If the data is binary, or there are multiple bytes of different values, they will all be printed on a single line. You can then use the Edit menu to display the data in one of the two formats.

In addition to the standard file menu options, HexView has a small menu with several functions.

HexView can be used 70238732e0

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★ PRO – full screen with the help of hotkeys. ★
★ SINGLE – choose the display area from a full screen program or a window. ★
★ REC – select a rectangular area to present a selected program or file. ★
★ APP – select an application for a presentation. ★
★ WIDTH/HEIGHT – size of the display area. ★
★ MONITOR – choose the display monitor. ★
★ BACKGROUND – selection of a background color for the view window. ★
★ COLOR – set the cursor color. ★
★ CURSOR – selection of a cursor color. ★
★ SELECTED – selection of a highlighted color for the cursor. ★
★ HOTKEY – use a hotkey for the presentation. ★
★ PAUSE/STOP – shows or hides the program. ★
★ SAVE/RESTORE – saves the current settings and exit. ★
★ SETTING – shows or hides the settings. ★
★ HELP – displays the instruction manual. ★
★ About – displays an information window. ★
★ EXIT – closes the program.
Contact: [email protected]Q:

substring in shell script

I want to read first two characters of the lines from the file and compare it with my database, if it is matching then it should print one line else it should print the next line.
Here is the code I am using, this is not working.
while read A B C D; do
echo “$A $B $C $D”
if [[ $A = “$PAIR_UUID” ]] && [[ $B = “$PAIR_UID” ]];
then echo “this pair in db”; else—ehob-co-id-2020-04-29-doctors-note-ku.html

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