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After all these years of evolution, humans still seem to be pretty confused on what to do next. We are doing one thing, though, and that’s documenting almost everything we can in large databases. This can also be the case with us individuals, and the type of database is a family tree, and you can easily build one with Agelong Tree.
Simple interface gets you quickly up and running
On the visual side of things, the application manages to do a good job at not making you feel overwhelmed. There aren’t any shiny elements, but the tab support for the different areas, large preview space, as well as side panel for quick navigation keep accommodation simple, and lets you better focus on details.
There’s a sample database you can load to see what it’s about and how relationships are created. However, the only effort needed to start from scratch refers to the details you have to know, remember, and write down.
First you get to add all individuals in a list, with the possibility to create links as they are added. The list also shows birth date, age, occupation, comments, status, and more, but you’re free to configure displayed columns.
Easily add people and build the family tree
Creating a new entry isn’t difficult at all. A new window pops up and takes you through several tabs, where you need to write down general details, but also add custom notes, sources, documents, or pictures. Where possible, you can pick relatives from corresponding drop-down menus.
Besides people, you can also save events, documents and places in different databases. These are then easy to link to a person, and can be accessed through the upper tabs. On the other hand, these details are automatically gathered from the tree so you don’t have to manually add them.
Sadly, the tree view can only be triggered after it’s been built. There’s not much customization when it comes to aspect, but colors can be changed. The tree is shown in a separate tab and has a center target you need to select from the persons list. You can view it in fullscreen and even save it to file either as an image or document for further processing.
To sum it up
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Agelong Tree is a practical application you can surely rely on to build a solid family tree. Accommodation is a walk in the park, thanks to the simple, yet clever design. With the available resources, you can store large amounts of data in organized tables, build, view, and export custom family trees.







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Agoleg Tree is a family tree building application which is created by Agelong Team. The user interface of the application makes it easy to build a solid family tree. The new features are added on the basis of customer feedback. In addition to a single file family tree builder, the user can save and import data to databases.
Create a family tree in 3 steps:
+ Enter your information: Adoption, Marriage, Birth, Death, Education, Occupation, Comments, Sources, Documents, Places.
+ Create relations and expand the tree: You can easily create relations and expand the family tree.
+ Finally, enjoy the family tree in any resolution: The family tree is available for you to browse, share, and save it as a document or an image.

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Agelong Tree 1.0.10 Free [Updated]

• Efficient Family Tree Module for Agelong.
• Manages multiple family trees in one database, even with relationship.
• Create, View, Edit, Delete in relational tables of TFamily, TPerson, TMember.
• Gather pictures, files, documents, comments, and events from databases.
• Create multiple family trees in one database.
• View and export to HTML5 and Excel.
• Export to XML-formatted file with family trees of all data.
• Send to friends the list with information.
• Minimalist, intuitive, clean, and user-friendly.
• Multi-language for support in different languages.
• Sortable list of persons.
• Open multiple trees at the same time, or easily copy and paste between them.
• Saving is easy.
• Several databases can be linked to a person, as well as other databases to an event.
• Relationship between person and family member.
• Personal relationship between persons.
• People can have many events and can have many people as relatives.
• View family trees in the tree view, or even in the list.
• Options in the list: status, comment, documents, events, images, and families.
• The list can be updated from records.
• View large families, ancestors, and generations.
• The tree can be exported to images or documents.
• The list is in the top.
• Exporting into HTML5 and to Excel.
• Customize colors of tree and events.
• Clear options: to disable the list of people and events, to disable the list of notes, to change colors and to edit the created tree.
• Setting for searching: you can define the type of search, like in an HTML5 input. The results can be displayed in a list or in a tree view.
• Receive the list of persons with events, documents, pictures, and places.
• Receive the list of people with events, documents, pictures, and places.
• Search and connect family members, persons, families, events, documents, and pictures.
• Show family trees as lists, or in the tree view.
• The person and the events of the person are displayed in the tree.
• Connect the individual and the people who are connected to him.
• Add a person with a given family name.
• Check whether the person is a descendant of someone.
• Click on a

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Agelong is an easy-to-use family tree database that has a nice and user-friendly user interface and is intended for large families. It allows you to display and export family trees on a tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

When someone says “family tree,” images spring into your head of a sprawling network of extended family members, relatives, parents, grandparents, and so on. While this can be a good thing, it’s also a time-consuming task to generate and maintain such a database. Agelong comes in to relieve this headache.
Simply put, Agelong Tree is a family tree that can be created and maintained with relative ease. Because it’s an open source project, it’s relatively easy to adapt and customize. Its creators also made it possible to automate the process of creating family trees based on fields from standard databases like Microsoft Access.
To start, a new database is automatically created and you can add multiple individuals. Once you’ve done so, it’s time to create new relationships. You do so by first selecting a target and then selecting the relationship. Don’t forget to check the source and target.
Once a family tree has been created, you can view it in a tree view, navigate the whole thing with side panels, and download the entire thing to Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel.
You can even create new events, documents, and places and add them to the tree. Furthermore, you can make the tree visible or invisible and make it possible to display on a table, smartphone, or desktop.
A set of tools is available to manage your tree, even if some features aren’t as advanced as others. You can select specific fields to show or hide, change colors, and even export to another database.
Agelong Tree Features:

Create new databases
Add, view, and delete people
Add, delete, and change relationships
Create and manage events, documents, and places
Create and view family trees
Add fields to view and export family trees
Create timelines
View and export the whole family tree as an image

The simple, but appealing user interface is particularly easy to use. However, the user guide is pretty comprehensive and is available here.
Agelong Tree Requirements:
Version: 4.7.6440.0
License: Free
Size: 2.5 MB
Language: English
Download: Agelong Tree
Paid: $12

What’s New in the?

Organize all your family members in a single database.
Create a tree, populate and link all the members of your family.
Add to many types of events.
Share your trees with friends and family.
Configure the default set of columns in the database.
Includes a gallery of different presets to assist with personalization.
Export your tree and save it in different formats.
Windows Mac Mobile Android and Linux (thanks Vyrtek, a native linux software version is coming)
Price: Free Version: $

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