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Data Quality Appraiser is a full featured software solution for data quality check. Data quality check solutions can be expensive and time consuming. It is a reliable, accurate and easy to use software product that allows you to perform a wide range of data quality checks using your own rules and works on data from any type of database and data format. It can analyse columns to ensure they are valid. Validate tables to ensure columns have values and are unique. Automatically check column constraints, primary keys, foreign keys, constraints, triggers, data types and schema. You can analyse columns, table properties, database, servers, roles and database users. Check for inconsistencies and missing constraints in the database schema. Data Quality Appraiser supports a huge number of databases and database systems, including MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, SQLite, Postgres, MySQL, Informix, DB2, MSSQL, SQL Anywhere and others. You can use Data Quality Appraiser to validate MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres and DB2 databases. The software was designed to work with a huge variety of database engines, including: SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Oracle, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Informix and more!
Data Quality Appraiser is a universal, multi-purpose software solution, which can make your tasks faster and easier. It is a tool designed for data quality check and quality assurance. With a lot of features, Data Quality Appraiser can save you a lot of time and energy. It can check large tables quickly and reliably. This tool helps you create reports and implement data quality checks.
Data Quality Appraiser Feature Overview:

Easy to Use Design

Visual Database Design

More than 60 Data Quality Checks

Over 20 Database Management Checks

Fully Integrated

No Installation Required

No User Interface

Real Time Statistics

Avalia Site for New Rules

Graphical Reports

Saving and Backing Up

External Plugins

Data Quality Appraiser Demo

System Requirements:

Windows XP or later

200 MB RAM

128 MB for Display

Internet Explorer 6 or later

Adobe Flash Player 10 or later

Data Quality Appraiser is available for both commercial and free versions. The most popular features of the free version include:

Fast and easy to use

No need to install

More than 60 data

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Rinzo XML Editor is a fast and complete XML editor. It is also a fast and complete XSL editor for the beginning, mid- and advanced-level user. A few features of Rinzo XML Editor are to open multiple files simultaneously, simple edit, rename, copy, paste, cut, save and close. The features of…

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BlackBerry Theme Manager: Blackberry Theme Manager is an app that manages themes for BlackBerry smartphone devices.
BlackBerry Theme Manager does a great job of managing themes that are downloaded from the BlackBerry App World. You can browse, search and install themes. You can also use BlackBerry Theme Manager to download themes for phones that are not owned by you.
With BlackBerry Theme Manager you can
– change themes for your BlackBerry device
– Install themes that you download from the BlackBerry App World
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– Search themes that you find on the internet
– Manage themes for your BlackBerry device and install theme packs
– Export themes and import themes
BlackBerry Theme Manager works with the following BlackBerry models
– BlackBerry Bold
– BlackBerry Bold 9900
– BlackBerry Bold 9930
– BlackBerry Bold 9000
– BlackBerry Bold 9780
– BlackBerry Bold 9360
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– BlackBerry Bold 9700
– BlackBerry Curve 9360
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– BlackBerry Curve 9310
– BlackBerry Curve 8900
– BlackBerry Curve 8800
– BlackBerry Bold 9700
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– BlackBerry Curve 8900
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– BlackBerry Curve 8900
BlackBerry Theme Manager is a freeware application and is available for you to download and install for free. BlackBerry Theme Manager is available for you to download and install from the following software providers:
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Searching for the best known solution for creating and managing searches? If yes, then the application that we recommend to you is Xtorex – Complete database management software. With Xtorex you will find a new way of doing things. Unlike regular search engines, Xtorex can automatically generate search queries and results for any kind of field, searching on the basis of conditions and filters. The software is fast, efficient, and allows you to add and adjust search filters and query conditions at any time.

Xtorex is designed to let you efficiently manage all kinds of documents, so you can access the most important data at the right time. For example, you can access the information on your phone, tablet, or computer, and see the search results right away. This software is an effective solution for managing your search lists, as well as data from any kind of database.

You can create a customized search function for each field in your database and assign them to different categories. You can edit and make adjustments to them at any time and search for the required information. You can also create complex search queries with multiple conditions and filters, and the software will adjust the search process automatically.

All the search results can be found in a single list, so you can quickly access your data and find the most important information. Moreover, Xtorex allows you to edit search results directly on the search results list, so you can easily add the results to your PIM or other applications. With Xtorex, you will be able to manage your search results efficiently and effectively.

And finally, Xtorex will ensure the safety of your data by preventing unauthorized access to them.

Xtorex Features:


Xtorex is dynamic because it has the ability to detect the specific field of the results list that you would like to search in your database. For this, it takes into account the specific data that is being searched, and it will only display the data of the type that you are searching for.

For example, if you are searching for the data in a database that has the field “last name”, Xtorex will only list the data for the specific field “last name” in the results list.

This software allows you to search in a specific field, and the results can be found directly on the results list.

Data is being dynamically filtered.

For example, if you select the

What’s New in the Query Xtractor?

Query Xtractor is a software application designed to help you increase efficiency when operating with databases. It is a visual query builder that saves you the trouble of writing the SQL code from scratch. It generates queries specific to the connected database and provides instant results.
An efficient and versatile application
The installation process is simple and requires little attention from your part. You will be able to access its features straight away and connect to databases.
The interface is plain and, chances are, if you have some experience with database operations, you will feel in your element. The buttons are responsive, and the features are organized into several menus. You can start multiple tabs and perform separate operations in each one.
One of the best features of Query Xtractor is that it supports a wide selection of databases, from Oracle, SQL Server, PostfreSQL, MySQL, to Azure, Amazon Redshift, SQLite, and Firebird.
Create visual queries without extensive knowledge of each database
The purpose of the software is to allow you to submit queries to each platform. This tool makes it easier for novices to operate on multiple databases from one single application. It can prove an extremely useful for business environments with data stored in separate databases.
You can create GROUP BY queries with support for extended aggregates such as List, Median, and Grouping. Inclusive and exclusive joins allow you to hide the more complicated and confusing SQL inner workings.
Robust set of features packed into a single solution
In conclusion, Query Xtractor is a useful tool for both novices and experts. It can create queries with little knowledge of basic SQL code and it adapts automatically to the connected database. Its interface is responsive and straightforward to be of use in real situations. There is good value for money as you can utilize the software for a number of database platforms.
This site is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Microsoft Corporation, nor has it ever been used or tested in the course of a Microsoft review.

01/05/2018 –

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01/05/2018 –

Does YouTube use the title attribute on links to anchor videos?

We are looking to embed video from youtube in a variety of places, but want to make sure the title gets filled in.

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System Requirements:

(These are for demonstration purposes and are not included in the original game).
OS: Windows 7 64 bit
CPU: Intel Core i7 4790 3.4GHz
Memory: 16GB
Graphics: GTX 970
Windows: Win 7 64 bit
CPU: Intel Core i5 3570 3.3GHz
Windows: Win 8 64 bit
CPU: Intel Core i5-3570 3.2GHz

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