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The Windows operating system can be fitted with quite a variety of enhancements, both visual and functional. Some come as stand-alone programs, while others attach to existing components for enhanced functionality. For instance, Metric Clock is a little gadget which shows time in the Metric system.
Note that native support for gadgets in Windows is last seen in 7, while 8.1 and 10 rely on third-party applications such as 8GadgetPack to enable functionality. System restart is not required, so the gadget can be integrated and launched right away.
The clock gadget can either sit on the desktop in a suitable position, or the gadgets bar. Clock is shown in real-time, as well as the date, which can be toggled off. The gadget benefits from the default set of options, such as level of opacity of the main window, and whether or not to sit on top of other windows.
On the other hand, it also comes with its own set of options. The dedicated panel makes it possible to scale the window size or leave the autoscale function do its job, options to toggle the visibility of the date string, and title, as well as colors to be used for background, title, time and date, version, and copyright.
One last note is that Metric time is completely different in values from regular time. In other words, a 24 hour day has 10 hours in metric time, 100 minutes per hour instead of 60, and so on. This makes one metric second equivalent to 0.864 regular second, one metric minute equal to 1.44 regular minutes, and 1 metric hour about 2.4 regular hours.



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Metric Clock can be used by users of Windows XP or later, so long as the programs are compatible.
Clock is a free program.
The current version is 3.02.
Windows Vista or later, all editions.

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Keymacro is a simple keyboard macro utility for Windows. The function allows for predefined and user-defined macros for keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks. This simple yet powerful application, is definitely a must have for Windows.
Keymacro is quite simple, one just needs to select the windows you want to capture clicks from and define a few keystrokes. One can also create a variety of macro to make the system easier.
You can start the function by clicking the file-icon and choosing from the drop-down menu “New” to add new macros. This will prompt you to enter the text for the macro and also a number to identify the macro, which you can set by default.
You can edit the macros once created by selecting them from the drop-down menu “Edit” on the left side. A pop-up menu will appear. After choosing one macro from the list, one can edit the text within the dialog.
Once all macros are defined, click on “Apply”, to save them. A dialog will appear with options to set the capture time and which window to capture. The application should detect all the windows, click, and presses.
The application also includes its own set of tools. One can use the scroll bar below to jump to a macro and edit or delete it. The macro is also shown on the right side.
The latest version,, includes a new Time Zone drop-down list.
Keymacro can be purchased and downloaded from You can also find a special offer in the bottom left corner of this page.
In addition to the usual DVD disk that includes the installation file, this edition of Keymacro has the added feature of a full-featured PC security program. It can be installed separately, or bundled with the standalone version.
Keymacro is a must-have for anyone who is looking to use keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks.
The free Maccabees Computer Security Premium edition offers a full suite of cutting edge computer security utilities for your PC.
The latest version,, includes the new “Anti-Spyware” tool. This security program can protect your computer against the threats that spyware applications cause.
Keymacro is a simple yet very powerful and flexible application. The interface is simple and functional. Although it is

Metric Clock With Registration Code

Small gadget showing time in the metric system.

Feature Highlights:
– Real-time and system time with possible scroll
– Date displayed as regular or textual
– User-adjustable opacity
– Sits on desktop in a suitable position or the gadgets bar
– Customizable panel including background, title, time and date
– Version, copyright and optional credits are displayed as well


Screenshot of options:

Screenshot of real-time:




What’s New In Metric Clock?

The tray gadget is a little program which shows the current date, time, and battery life. It can be used as a stand-alone application or attached to the system tray. Tray can be used to display the status of your network, battery and CPU temperatures, and much more.
The program comes with a set of default options, including the position of the tray icon in the system tray, where time is updated. It also benefits from the set of options, such as the level of opacity, and some custom ones such as a set of animation effects.
In addition, the program comes with a selection of skins, or themes. The default set is preinstalled, but additional themes can be obtained from the official page on the program.
Last, but not least, tray comes with its own set of customizations. For instance, it is possible to set the background image, color, and the size of the application window, as well as additional styles for the skin.

The Live Tiles gadget is a little gadget which allows you to easily access and display information on your desktop. It can show live system information, such as CPU, RAM, temperature, fan speed, disk and network status, among other aspects of your system. The gadget is highly customizable and supports the set of options available to other widgets such as the weather and clock gadgets.
As you probably know, desktop live tiles are small applications which sit in the system tray, and show information on the desktop. If you wish to set a different image for each tile, or just have a small logo in the corner of the tile, the Live Tiles gadget is the way to go.
Note that the features of this little program are the same as the other gadget packs, as it relies on third-party applications to really come alive.

The Weather gadget is a little application which displays the weather for your current location, as well as other locations you set, using the Yahoo Weather Network. It works in the background, and notifies you of current and forecasted weather information.
The gadget benefits from a wide variety of settings, which will be covered in the set of options, that you can find on the Options panel. You have a variety of options to decide the weather forecast, color of the background, foreground, and the style of the dialog box, among others.

The Weather gadget comes with a wide variety of settings. Some of the options you can see are the current weather, location, forecasted weather, background, foreground, and even the style of the dialog box. You can also tweak the color and icon of the forecast and current weather, and choose a different location to get different weather.
In addition, the widget comes with a variety of special effects, including a color picker, scale down effect, and more. The gadget also has a quick access menu which allows you to launch the weather immediately, and change your

System Requirements:

1. Internet Explorer 9 or higher,
2. NVIDIA graphics card,
3. Minimum 500 MB of RAM.
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