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This screensaver has support for any GTK+ widgets (see the setup output). Clock-VII is written in Python, using python-canvas for images and show time. Now, you can choose: 1. Dark (no shadows), 2. High Resolution 3. No widgets, 4. Show Time, 5. Shadow (support for Zenith), 6. Time/Date (Full) 7. Zoom (normal, tile, or full size) 8. Zoom Notes (option 5/ cde4edac5b




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Skype Portable Launcher is a very efficient and versatile application that can turn your standard Skype installation into a portable one, allowing you to carry it on a removable drive and launch it on any computer without affecting its system registry.
The perks of having portable packages not just for Skype, for any application that you use often, are huge. By relying on such an approach,

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