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Many users often have important information or images on their desktop that they want to capture, TinyGrab makes it easy to save images from the desktop. The choice to upload them is readily available and easy to configure.
A quick and easy-to-use application
Unfortunately, a TinyGrab account is necessary for the application to be able to upload images and also to take screenshots. The sign up process is quickly over though and only requires a valid email address and a password, no large sign up forms need to be filled in and no additional information has to be given.
Once signed up, users can take either fullscreen, active window or select area screenshots of anything on the desktop and the different modes are intuitive to use. Anyone familiar with any type of image capture software will have no difficulty using them.
A popup in the bottom corner of the desktop will appear and from there, an image can be saved with a custom title and description. Users who are more interested in saving images to their own drives rather than uploading them will be able to accomplish this without any difficulties.
Users have different choices for files after they are uploaded, with the option to have the file deleted from your computer or sent to a specific folder. This means that the application can be used offline which adds to its functionality.
Different FTP options and uploading solutions
Users who are uncomfortable with having their images stored on the TinyGrab website can opt for several different uploading methods. TinyGrab is the easiest solution and requires nothing other than a registered account with them, the best choice for those unfamiliar with file uploading. The other FTP options include both standard and secure alternatives, but do require users to be more familiar with server information and port details.
TinyGrab also includes three different third party options that some users might be more familiar with and already have accounts or experience with. It’s a nice addition to a simple application and allows users to pick whatever they are more comfortable with.
A user friendly and safe choice for image capturing and file uploading
In conclusion, TinyGrab is a fine choice for anyone looking for basic image capturing and more advanced uploading. While the application does lack some image editing options, it makes up for it with how it handles and processes your images.



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Are you tired of losing important files on your desktop?
Are you irritated by the limited picture options that you get with your camera?
Would you rather have a program that automatically saves all the photos you take and makes them available to you whenever you want?
Your wish is our command!
TinyGrab is an advanced image browser and picture organizer that automatically saves your photos and makes them available to you at any time.
You can use the software to organize your photos and place them on your hard drive or share them via FTP with anybody who has an account.
TinyGrab runs as a background application, and you can use it from anywhere in the system, without being visible to the user.
You do not have to log in or register with us.
TinyGrab is a FREE program. You only need to provide us with a valid email address.
Once you create an account, you will get the TinyGrab 6.0 free for download.
* Take Screenshot

Take Screenshot is a powerful feature that allows you to create a screenshot of any application window, a website or any part of the screen.
You can save the image as JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, or BMP files.
* Capture and Organize

Capture images, sounds and video from your webcam and microphone.
Organize images from various folders using categories, tags and labels.
* Transfer Images

Your photos are automatically transferred to your hard drive, FTP server, email or cloud storage.

Use FTP to upload your images to our servers or to share them with other people.
* Share Your Pictures

Enjoy sending your photos to your friends and family. Share with them pictures from your webcam and microphone.
If you want to, you can add new pictures, sound and/or video that you capture yourself.
* Image and Photo Gallery Viewer

TinyGrab has been designed to view your photos and other pictures in a very easy way.
* Image Browser

TinyGrab allows you to browse your photos and other pictures from various sources, such as digital cameras, video cameras, USB memory sticks, or other places that you have stored images.
* Capturing Remote Screen

TinyGrab lets you view the activity of an application on your computer screen while you can be performing another task.
* Screen capture

You can create screen shots and

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-Make your Mac faster and more efficient with a free and simple to use software that does all the heavy lifting for you. Quickly capture and save everything on your Mac desktop.
-Small and lightweight and easy to use
-Let Quickmeme Pro help you organize your data so you can focus on what matters most
-Record and save your Mac desktop screenshots, present them, share them, send them to someone else
-Save online image
-Capture area of your screen
-Preview images before saving and sending
-Save and share multiple screenshot files
-Record screencasts of your Mac desktop
-Save Mac screenshots to your desktop
-Save screencast to your desktop
-Copy/Paste screenshots to another Mac
-Works with iMessage

WriteLn.padRight ‘Name your screenshot’
WriteLn ‘Enter a title:’
ReadLn.padRight ‘Title’
WriteLn ‘Enter a description:’
ReadLn.padRight ‘Description’
WriteLn ‘Select the folder:’
WriteLn.padRight ‘Folder’
WriteLn.padRight ‘Select a location:’
WriteLn.padRight ‘Location’
WriteLn.padRight ‘Click Save!’
WriteLn.padRight ‘Copyright (c) – 2018 Daniel Wixom – he owns it all’
WriteLn ‘Please tick the box below if you would like to continue with the free version of the app’
WriteLn.padRight ‘Would you like to continue with the free version?’
WriteLn.padRight ‘Enjoy!’
WriteLn.padRight ‘Please tick the box below if you would like to continue with the premium version of the app’
WriteLn.padRight ‘Premium version?’
WriteLn.padRight ‘Please note that the premium version of the app includes a subscription and this will allow you to have more features added in the future. Some features are included in the free version and require a subscription to get the full experience’
WriteLn.padRight ‘Would you like to continue with the premium version of the app?’
WriteLn.padRight ‘Enjoy!’
WriteLn.padRight ‘You can change your data anytime from your Settings icon’
WriteLn.padRight ‘I accept the above Terms and Conditions’


TinyGrab is a fully customizable desktop screen capture application which is very simple to use and easy to set up. It is mainly used to take screenshots from the desktop but it can also capture the active window and selected area from the screen.

TinyGrab is an image capture application that is lightweight, simple to use and makes it easy to capture desktop images and upload them to the web. The application is both intuitive and easy to use and the screenshot previews can be configured to fit your needs.
Super-simple desktop screen capture
Since TinyGrab is a highly configurable and easy to use application, it is best suited for users who want to take simple screenshots. It does not take much to set up and is even designed to allow you to set up multiple accounts so you can use it as a simple screen capture tool and a FTP uploader.
TinyGrab includes a nice easy to use interface which is easy to use and simple to access. Once you have an account set up, your screenshots are stored online and you have the choice to have the images deleted after the upload is complete.
The best way to manage images
The best use for TinyGrab would be to set it up with one account and one or more FTP accounts so you can use it to upload your desktop images to your own website.
The application includes an excellent upload process and allows you to create links to the images so they can easily be shared with others.
The pictures taken can also be previewed or converted to JPEG, PNG or GIF formats and you have the option to edit them to make the colors and quality even better.

One of the first steps towards simplifying your life is learning to make your life a bit easier. One of the main tasks that you can perform to simplify your life is to know how to take good screen shots. But it doesn’t always have to be as complicated as it looks. This article will provide you with a basic introduction to taking screen shots with the free program called “TinyGrab”.
TinyGrab is a highly configurable and very simple to use free image capture application. It is mainly used to take screenshots but it can also capture the active window and selected area from the screen.
Setting up and using TinyGrab
The TinyGrab free image capture program is very intuitive and easy to use. All of the settings are set up from the application itself and once you have been set up, the first image you capture will be automatically uploaded to the website TinyGrab

What’s New in the TinyGrab?

TinyGrab is the easiest way to take full-screen, active window and selected area screenshots and upload them to the web. All settings are in one window and easy to navigate. No registration is necessary, which means it is perfectly suited for users who don’t want their files stored online.

File Transfer using SFTP Protocol:
SFTP is the streaming based File Transfer Protocol used for the secure FTP connection. As the name suggests, the SFTP Protocol provides a streaming capability to the FTP connection. That is, we can transfer files by setting file transfer parameter as streaming.

Existing files:
Select Existing File from list of Files
Select a File from Files List

Total number of Files to transfer (1 or more):
If you want to transfer all the files with one single transaction, select the number of files to be transferred.
Select the number of files from the list

Max Size (bytes)
Set the maximum size of the transfer (bytes)

Recipient’s host name (if not same as local host name):
Recipient’s host name is the name of the remote host and it must be the same as the local host. The destination directory you selected in the list of files will be created if it does not exist. This destination folder can be viewed by clicking on the files you have selected in the list.

Transfer files in background
Select the background process you want to be started after you start the transfer

Transfer files using SFTP protocol
Select File Transfer Protocol

If no files are selected for transfer, the files will be deleted from the current directory if no local directory is selected.

Select an Existing File

Select a File from the File List

File Size (bytes)

Max. Size (bytes)

Recipient’s host name (if not same as local host name)

Transfer files in background

Transfer files using SFTP protocol

Change local directory

If you have selected multiple files, the files will be transferred to the selected directory. To change the destination directory, select the directory from the list of files.

The following directory can be used to specify a particular remote directory where the files will be transferred.
The destination directory cannot be selected to the same folder of the files you are transferring.

The files will be deleted if no destination directory is selected.

Transfer files using SFTP protocol

NOTE:The existing file list can be replaced by the files or directories existing on the local server.


If no files are selected for transfer, the files will be deleted from the current directory if no local directory is selected.

Enable to verify the source of downloaded file

If you have selected multiple files, the files will be transferred to the selected directory. To change the destination directory, select the directory from the list of

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or higher
8 GB of RAM
1 GB of available hard drive space
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