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Hermes Podcast Downloader is a practical and effective utility that helps you to subscribe, download and listen to your podcasts with ease, regardless of their size.
The application comes with a clear and easy to handle interface. It enables you to manage all your subscriptions, download podcasts and transfer files to any MP3 device connected to your computer.
Adopting a straightforward approach, Hermes Podcast Downloader allows you to enjoy your favorite podcasts without getting blocked in complex configurations and difficult options.
Since it is compatible with almost any MP3 player and device, you can easily download your favorite audio files and transfer them to smartphones, Android devices such as iPhone or iPod or even to an off-brand USB MP3 player.
The application enables you to manage all your existing podcasts, as well as add new subscriptions by specifying the feed URL address. Since the application is compatible with various RSS and Atom standards, as well as with other podcast related Internet protocols, you are able to download as many MP3 files as you want by managing various podcasts. Also, an integrated web browser is available for searches.
Additionally, you can access the Advanced mode if you want to import OPML files in case you are switching to another podcast downloader and set the application to skip files that have been downloaded to your computer.
After that, you can easily download your files by pressing the ‘Start downloads’ button from the main window. Hermes Podcast Downloader will automatically recognize all the podcasts and will grab the available MP3 audio files.
Afterward, Hermes Podcast Downloader enables you to transfer your files to any device you want. Simply connect your smartphone, MP3 player or any other portable device to your computer and let the application to recognize it.
To wrap it up, Hermes Podcast Downloader proves to be a reliable solution that helps you to manage your favorite podcasts and transfer MP3 files to your phone or any other player.

Download 🗸🗸🗸

Download 🗸🗸🗸

Hermes Podcast Downloader Crack Free For PC

* Manage and Download podcasts from various news sources
* Listen to your favorite Podcasts without any restriction
* Very easy to use, the interface is clean and clear
* Quick and user-friendly
* With almost any MP3 player or device, you can transfer your files to it
* Works with almost all RSS and Atom feeds
* Easy to customize and select the related items you want to download.
* Supports both the basic and the advanced mode for OPML importing
* A lot of features

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Hermes Podcast Downloader Crack + 2022

★ +Select+ +Save+ +General+ 1. Choose what to download. 2.Download all available podcasts at once. 3.Save to a playlist, drag & drop to get the entire list at once. 4.Download all podcasts on an interval. 5.Download all podcasts in one folder (all at once). 6.Parsing lists from OPML files. 7.Parsing and downloading from/to your Google Reader. 8.Some advanced settings. 9.Advertising settings. 10.Other advanced features. 11.More info in the help files. 12.Many bugs fixed. 13.Cleaning bug. 14.Updating. 15.Many other changes. See the changelog.

Click the ‘+’ symbol to select all the options you want to apply to your feeds.

It is a complete, professional & free of cost automated feed downloader software for downloading all feeds from any website.
Key Features:

★Choose What You Want To Download

Folders to download all feeds to or from

Skip duplicates of feeds

Download all available feeds at once.

Download all feeds in a list in one shot.

Download all feeds by interval.

You can now specify the download frequency by making a choice from the available options.

★Parsing Lists From OPML Files

It parses OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) files.

If you have a Google Reader account, it can get the lists from your Google Reader.

You can download the feeds from the other websites.

You can add feeds to the list.

★Advanced Options

You can choose the download folder as well as the interval of your download.

You can choose the downloading speed.

★Easy To Use

There is a step-by-step wizard which guides you through the installation and setup.

★Help files

You can find the detailed help file in the help section.

Please read the help file before using it.

★Cleaning Bug Fixed

The cleaning bug has been removed.

★More Info In The Help File

You can find more information about the software in the help section.

You can write your query in the help section.

★Commercial Support

You can get the commercial support from us.

★Weekly Updates

You can get the updates by

Hermes Podcast Downloader Crack + Registration Code

• Convert media files into MP3
• Automatically manage subscriptions and download lists
• Support all popular podcast standards
• Extract audio from MP3, as well as video from MP4, MKV, OGG, etc.
• Make backups of downloaded files
• Add new RSS/Atom feeds from online sources
• Enable playback of downloaded files
• Create new playlists
• Add any files you want
• Enable zip support
• Enable previews of downloaded files
• Manage all downloaded files in the file manager
• Automatically clean up your download list
• Fast downloading
• Support transfer to ANY kind of portable device with USB cable
• Support all popular portable devices
• Support Airplay
• Supports all kind of video formats
• Secure settings and passwords
• Instant downloads
• Automatic updating
• Clean up your list of downloaded files
• Import OPML files
• Search your RSS/Atom feeds
• Download your favourite episodes
• Convert your MP3 files to different audio formats
• Play back downloaded files
• No registration, no installation
• Download files in background without displaying the interface
• Adblock compatible
• Create playlists
• Create filters
• Export custom filters
• Fast support
• Support Google Chromecast
• Support IPTV streaming (IPTV software is not required)
• Support DLNA (DLNA server is not required)


Hermes Podcast Downloader Android Free Download

Hermes Podcast Downloader App Free Download

Hermes Podcast Downloader App Screenshot

The Hermes Podcast Downloader App is an easy and efficient tool to download podcasts, not only in case you want to listen to them in your android device, but also you want to transfer them to portable players.

The app comes with a simple and intuitive interface that can be used to manage the user subscriptions, search and download episodes, and also to manage the episodes stored on the Android device.

Some of the included features of the application include:

Subscribe to or search for RSS and Atom feed.

Add the episodes to be downloaded to a list.

Download all or some of the downloaded files.

Record your favorite podcasts.

Compress the downloaded files into a ZIP archive.

Create playlists.

Manage the downloaded files in the file manager.

Automatically clean up the download list.

Import OPML files.

Import and export

What’s New In?

Hers Podcast Downloader is a perfect solution for users who want to listen to podcast episodes on their MP3 player.
It allows you to download any podcast episode at your leisure. It supports a wide variety of RSS and Atom podcast formats and works on any Windows platform, no matter what device you have.
Hers Podcast Downloader will allow you to listen to your favorite podcasts as if they were part of your own personal playlist.
The application supports all the top podcast hosts, including both old and new ones, such as iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Rhombus, Blubrry, Pocket Casts and many more.
Hermes Podcast Downloader allows you to download the files you want, no matter what format they are in. It supports the most common podcast download formats: M4P, MP3, Ogg, WAV, Flac, APE, WMA and MPC.
Once you have downloaded the episode, you can play it back on your MP3 player, set it as a ringtone, save it to your computer and copy it to any other device.
The application is extremely easy to use. Simply press the “Add to playlist” button and select the podcast you want to download, regardless of its format. You can then choose the type of the episode you want to download.
And that’s it! Downloading and listening to your favorite podcasts will be just a breeze with Hermes Podcast Downloader.
It has a clean and intuitive interface.
It supports all the podcast formats you can think of.
It allows you to download the episodes you want.
It doesn’t require complicated procedures to add new subscriptions.
It is compatible with any portable device you want to transfer files to.
It allows you to play the downloaded episodes back on your MP3 player.
It has a nice clean and easy to use interface.
It doesn’t have the same speed issues as other podcast downloaders.
It allows you to save the downloaded files to your hard disk and listen to them later on any device you want.
It supports most popular portable audio players, such as iPod, Android devices, Android tablets, Samsung devices and many more.
It allows you to download the files from the most popular hosts such as iTunes, Spotify and many more.
It allows you to copy the downloaded files to any device you want.
It offers its users the ability to access the advanced mode if they want to import OPML files from other downloaders.
It allows you to download all the episodes of the podcast you are subscribed to.
It supports all the podcast formats you can think of.
It is extremely easy to use.
It allows you to select which episode you want to download.
It supports portable devices such as iPods, MP3 players, Android devices,

System Requirements:

Minimum System Specifications
Minimum Memory Requirements (In MB): 128
Video Memory Requirements (In MB): 32
Minimum RAM Requirements
Hard Disk Size (In MB): 64
Required Graphics Cards
NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or better (most commonly GeForce 6800 GT)
AMD Radeon X300 or better (most commonly Radeon 7500 GS)
Recommended Graphics Cards
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280, GTX 285, GTX 295, GTX 295X2 or better
AMD Radeon HD 4870 or better
Minimum CPU Specifications

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