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4 January 2019


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Generic method which is a parameter of generic method with type constraint?

I have a method which returns a list of Customer objects. I want to pass a string and convert this string to Customer type.
I know how to do this using 2 methods but I want to do it with one method.
public static List GetCustomers(string strCustomerType)
List customersList = new List();
Customer customer = customerDB.GetCustomer(strCustomerType);
return customersList;

public static List Convert(List customerTypes, string strCustomerType) where T : Customer
//The code here
return customersList;

I want the List to be a parameter of the above GetCustomers() method. I mean the above method should not take the List as input. I want to pass the string to the method and convert the string to Customer.
How can I achieve this?


You should take another approach. There is a way to do this using reflection.
public static T GetCustomer(string strCustomerType) where T : Customer
MethodInfo mi = typeof(Customer).GetMethod(“GetCustomer”, new[] { typeof(string) });
//Retrieve the parameters of the method by reflection
ParameterInfo[] param = mi.GetParameters();
//Check if the method has a parameter of type ‘T’
if (param.Length == 1 && param[0].ParameterType == typeof(string))
//Define a generic type
var genericType = typeof(T);
//Generate a type from the string
var type = genericType.MakeGeneric

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