Sturgeon Lake Development

Additionally, there is a custom transparent background for Firefox, which has beautifully hand-drawn automobiles, as well as a custom cursor. Other highlights of the theme include an option to download new icons and an option to use icon hints to take manual control over the appearance of menus.
Changes made to a standard Windows desktop will not be visible, as the theme has the sole purpose of improving the way your computer looks, there is even less need to mess around with system settings. Sports Cars Theme makes 33e89ea654

7. Evernote

Evernote is a web notebook and information manager, with a drawing board, personal digital assistant, and a photo management tool. It helps you capture, organize, search and share information on any device.
Whether you’re taking notes and keeping track of appointments, planning birthday parties, or answering emails to the nth degree, Evernote is where you jot your thoughts down in Evernote and well as share it with any device

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