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■ Detects fake emails: One of the problems in detection of fake emails is the fact that an email can appear to be from a valid domain, but may contain a virus or other malicious code that will harm your system. The keymacro provides a method to protect against this.
■ Converts emails with “spam” attributes to mail format:
The macro converts email messages into text. The messages are then sent to a folder where they can be manually examined and deleted.
■ Detects strange messages: This macro scans each email for indicators of suspicious messages. It removes the messages from the email queue to examine them in detail.
■ Detects unusual email headers: This macro identifies email headers that are unusual and then converts them to text. These headers can indicate potential problems, such as threats from viruses, intrusions into your system, or email messages from yourself that have been altered.
■ Detects plagiarism: This macro can be used to detect plagiarism in email messages. A number of email messages are checked to see if they contain text that has been taken from an earlier email message. This macro then converts the text into text format.
■ Detects plain text messages: This macro can be used to detect plain text messages. Because most email messages are formatted, this macro will identify text messages that are not in plain text format.
■ Detects viruses: This macro converts email messages into text format to detect viruses.
■ Detects email messages with attachments: This macro converts email messages into text format to detect attachments. This will remove the attachments from the message.
■ Displays attachments with warning messages: This macro will display attachments in a warning message, letting the user know that the attachment is dangerous.
■ Detects strange text: This macro identifies text strings in an email message that is suspect. The macro converts the text to plain text format, so that it can be easily examined.
■ Detects email messages from unsolicited sender: This macro can be used to identify email messages from unsolicited senders.
■ Detects email messages from known senders: This macro is used to detect email messages from known senders. This is useful when you don’t want to send messages to all of your contacts.
■ Detects messages with phrases: This macro can be used to detect message that contain certain phrases.
■ Detects time stamps 70238732e0

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* Move the Center of the Zoom blur
* Setting the Center of the zoom blur will move the original center of the zoom blur in the direction of the mouse movement
* The location of the center is determined by a drop down menu in the control panel.
* You may also specify the original zoom position via the center setting.
* With this setting, pressing the space bar will zoom in (or out) to the zoom position specified,
* and the zoom center will move accordingly
* Center Position: Select the location of the zoom center relative to the center of the original zoom blur
* Direction: Select the direction of the zoom center. Move it either left or right.
* Zoom Position: Specify the original location of the zoom center. The current position of the zoom center will be placed there when you click the center position.
* Expand Zoom: If Expand Zoom is checked, the zoom center will move one step in the direction of the mouse movement
Download (Click below to download)

Nupast Pencil 2.0
by Markus Witzka
Nupast Pencil 2.0 is a painting tool that implements the.pdf pens in a simple and fast manner.
KeyMACRO Description:
* Additional controls for the pen of the.pdf print
* Fill color: Select the color of the pen
* Fill type: Select the pen type (brush pen, marker, etc.)
* Set Pen size: Set the pen size
* For size conversion: Use the specified format to determine the size of the pen in pixels
* For support of multiple monitors: Automatically set the pen size according to the monitor resolution
* Select pen type: Select the pen type to be used
* Click pen size: Set the pen size
* Click size conversion: Set the size conversion value
* Note: Using a negative value will make the value larger than the default value.
* Click monitor: Open a dialog to select the monitor resolution
* Click the button at the top left: Open a dialog to select the format to be used for the file
* Note: Selected file format is not loaded yet.
Download (Click below to download)

JPEG Importer
by Markus Witzka
JPEG Importer is a.jar file that takes the file you select on your harddisk and converts it to a JPEG file.
KeyMACRO Description:
* Select source

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