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Ethics Beyond High School is a course designed to provide guidance and instruction for students, students interested in making their school experience better, students who are uncertain about a course that they have not taken or been taught, students who wish to learn more about a course and a field that they are interested in, and parents of students who are in school.
Topics covered in this course include:
– What is Academic Ethics?
– Why Should Academic Ethics be Important?
– Learning Objectives and Principles
– Guidelines for Internet Use
– Students and Academic Ethics
– Principles of Honesty
– How Academic Ethics relate to Computer Use
– Content-based Internet Access
– The Ethics of Intellectual Property
– Habits of Academic Life
– General Guidelines for Internet Use
– What is a Trojan Horse?
– Personal Responsibility of Internet Use
– How do I get what I want?
– Time Management and the Internet
– Is The Internet Different than Other Mediums?
– Role of the Media
– Ethics Online
– Perspective Taking
– What can be learned from a Casual Review of the Information Sources?
– What is Ethical Communication?
– How do I get Help?
– Using Information Sources Ethically
– Using the Internet to Research
– Fulfilling Academic Goals
– Communicating with Others in Social Media
– Persuasive Communication
– How do I ask questions?
– What can be learned from a Casual Review of the Information Sources?
– What is Academic Integrity?
– How can I protect myself?
– Academic Honesty, Integrity and Integrity Online
– Academic Integrity and the Internet
– Social Media and Academic Integrity
– Is Academic Integrity a Moral Issue?
– The Student Perspective on Academic Integrity
– The Faculty Perspective on Academic Integrity
– Academic Integrity Online
– How do I avoid being Disqualified from my Major?
– How to Handle my Major after I Have Graduated?
– The Family Perspective on Academic Integrity
– The Parent Perspective on Academic Integrity
– The Mentor Perspective on Academic Integrity
– What do I Do if I Find something Unethical?
– How to Handle a Not-So-Good Academic Experience
– How to Handle a Not-So-Good Academic Experience Online
– What do I Do if I See Something Unethical?
– How to Respond to Ethical Violations
– Biting the Hand that feeds you
– Consequences of Using Another’s Intellectual Property
– Self-discipline and 70238732e0

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