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KEYMACRO.NET is a simple and clean keylogger. You can password protect the logs, log remote connections, capture password typed from the keyboard or also capture multiple passwords. It supports an extensive logging level system. Options include:
• URLs
• Server address
• Session name
• User name
• Username
• Password typed from keyboard
• Password entered manually
• Secure password
• Full login session
• Custom password database
• Custom logging levels
• Custom log file name
• Show encrypted passwords
• Show log file info
• Remote connections
• Drop files on a server
• Delete logs
• Capture passwords
• FTP passwords
• Capture a variable from clipboard
• Enable logging to file
• Enable logging to clipboard
• Time and date logging
• And more

Passport-FTP-Login-Monitor is a program that provides an easy way to log passwords and sessions on FTP sites. FTP logins are possible only with the correct password and are very useful for helping to recover forgotten passwords, logs or to get important files from an FTP server.
In addition, the program also supports SSL connections. SSL authentication is very easy to configure.
• Easy to configure
• Supports multiple user databases
• Supports multiple login log files
• Supports multiple log levels
• Password is saved with login username and password
• Allows for an unlimited number of log files
• Supports clear text, encrypted and compressed passwords
• Supports lists of FTP, HTTP, SSH, POP and IMAP servers
• Supports TELNET and SSH
• Supports WebDAV and FTP over SSL
• Supports concurrent log files
• Full support for FTP servers that only allow anonymous or basic logins
• Supports SSL enabled FTP, HTTP, SSH, POP and IMAP servers
• Support for SSL enabled TELNET and SSH servers
• 70238732e0

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View Documents without revealing private information
Noggle is a trusted peer-to-peer file sharing application designed to help you easily share documents and files across your network.
We provide you with the tools to share documents, that doesn’t mean that you need to be a techie to set it up.
It is secure and anonymous because it doesn’t use a central server to store information.
With Noggle you have the ability to manage the files, folders and folders that are shared, just like you can see a calendar on your smartphone.
It doesn’t just give you the freedom to share files and folders with people that you trust, it also lets you search for specific files across all of your peers in the network.
Once you’ve shared the files, you have the option to restrict access, so that only approved contacts can view them.
You can also set up groups and subgroups to control access to particular folders.
For instance, you can configure a group to access a specific folder, but not the other.
Furthermore, you can share an individual folder, or a set of folders as a single collection.
The availability of different filters also lets you organize your documents by keywords, creation date, name, and so on.
You can also search for files across all of your peers, using any of the available filters.
Noggle File Sharing
No Need for Any Root Access
Noggle is a peer-to-peer file sharing application, which means that you don’t need root access on your Android device to share files, folders and folders.
Also, when it comes to peer-to-peer file sharing, the connection isn’t reliant on a centralized server, so there is no centralized point of failure.
Noggle File Sharing
Security Is Paramount
Noggle is a peer-to-peer file sharing application, which means that you don’t need root access on your Android device to share files, folders and folders.
As stated earlier, it doesn’t use a centralized server, so it means that there are no points of failure.
Moreover, the entire process of sharing files is anonymous and secured.
Noggle File Sharing
Easy to Use and Understand
We understand that there are many peers in the world that prefer using a P2P network, but they might not have the time or skills to use it properly.
Therefore, we’ve made sure to develop an intuitive user interface, so that it won’t take you too long to figure out how things work and how

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