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A wide variety of issues regarding the Internet will be dealt with, ranging from the very short to the very lengthy. Students will learn to analyze ethical issues from a variety of perspectives, as well as how to evaluate the truthfulness of an argument.
Whether it is a case of doing the right thing and acting appropriately, or simply using the Internet for its intended purpose, students will be able to examine the subject at a deeper level.
This program is designed to educate you on how the Internet works, along with how to make smart decisions when you use it.
Some of the topics to be covered include:
• What you need to know about the Internet and how it works.
• Privacy, identity theft, and other threats.
• The difference between the merits of the legal system and the criminal justice system.
• Some basic facts about high school.
• Facts about the educational system.
• And much more!
Topics that you will not find in a general Internet safety course.
Topics that you will not find in a general Internet safety course:
• How the Internet is used in the workplace.
• What happens when you go to another country.
• How the justice system works in another country.
• Issues of race.
• Intelligent design.
• Some basic knowledge of biology and medicine.
• The nature of research and how it works.
• Some basic facts about history.
• The national debt.
• Facts about government.
• How electricity is generated.
• Climate change.
• Life on other planets.
• Facts about food.
• Facts about geography.
• What happens after you die.
• What you need to know about computers.
• Basic facts about e-mail.
• A basic introduction to the Internet.
• Much, much more!
Advanced Internet Use and Protection Description:
Advanced Internet Use and Protection is a suite of programs that give you the opportunity to customize your Internet experience.
Features include:
• Anti-spyware
• Anti-virus
• Firewall
• Internet Security Manager
• Parental Control
• Remote Control
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The Exchange configuration of your local 4D machine does not match that of your local computer and the database is probably locked. The database access module will need to be unlocked to execute. To do this, click the green ellipsis at the bottom of the window and select Unlock Database.
1) Configure Server Settings
2) Set Connection Settings
3) Set Security Settings
4) Set Additional Settings
5) In Exchange Server Mode, Access the Default Database
6) Connect to the Default Database
7) Set Preferences
8) Start the Database
9) Set Profile Manager
10) Connect to Database Profile
11) Perform Replication
12) Perform Fast Checks
13) Start Replication
14) Configure Email Integration
15) Perform Replication
16) Perform Fast Checks
17) Modify Replication Settings
18) Modify Check Settings
19) Modify Fast Checks
20) Start Replication
21) Test Replication
22) Test Fast Checks
23) Stop Replication
24) Stop Fast Checks
25) Perform Fast Checks
26) Configure SMTP
27) Start SMTP Server
28) Start SMTP Client
29) Test SMTP Server
30) Test SMTP Client
31) Stop SMTP Server
32) Stop SMTP Client
33) Perform Fast Checks
34) Perform SMTP Server
35) Perform SMTP Client
36) Test SMTP Client
37) Start Replication
38) Test Replication
39) Stop Replication
40) Stop Fast Checks
41) Run Fast Checks
42) Test SMTP Client
43) Test Replication
44) Create Database Schemas
45) Create Schema
46) Start Replication
47) Test Replication
48) Create Database Tables
49) Create Tables
50) Start Replication
51) Test Replication
52) Test SMTP Client
53) Test Replication
54) Create Database Forms
55) Create Form
56) Start Replication
57) Test Replication
58) Create Database Views
59) Create Views
60) Start Replication
61) Test Replication
62) Create Database Forms
63) Create Forms
64) Start Replication
65) Test Replication
66) Create Database Views
67) Create Views
68) Start Replication
69) Test Replication
70) Perform Fast Checks
71) Perform SMTP Client

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